Fiberglass Tanks

NEW 5 Year Warranty Program!

Because the quality & product integrity of Worthington’s fiberglass tanks are 2nd to none, they are confident in offering an unprecedented 5 year warranty program to give you peace of mind when choosing the right fiberglass storage solution to fit your needs. This is the longest warranty of anyone to date.

Standard Features

  • Designed to eliminate the effects of fertilizer and chemical corrosion, providing long term performance.
  • Fiberglass tanks do not rust like mild steel tanks.
  • Seamless one piece construction. Up to 42,000 gallon storage capacity.
  • Designed to store your specific product and storage environment.
  • Fiberglass cost less compared to stainless steel tanks.
  • NEW Feature: Stainless steel man-way bolts are a standard offering on all Ag tanks!

Custom options available for your specific application including:

  • Manways to provide easy access to the interior of the tank.
  • Sight gauges to monitor inventory levels.
  • Lifting lugs for unloading tanks and positioning the tank on the ground.
  • Threaded or flanged molded couplings
  • Gel coated exterior for maximum UV protection
  • Vents sized to match the discharge fittings
  • Color options of white or grey
  • Seismic capabilities
  • Available in various shapes including vertical flat bottom, horizontal or vertical leg tanks, sloped bottom and cone shaped construction.
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