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Pump Selection Guide   Pages 163-219

                              Centrifugal Pumps

                               Pump capabilities range up to 440 GPM and 190 PSI. The broad, versatile line includes
                               models with rugged housings of cast iron, stainless steel and polypropylene that stand up
                               to strong chemical attack. Stainless steel pumps are ideal for use with Roundup® or other
                               acid applications. Polypropylene pumps are lightweight and provide excellent resistance to
                               corrosive chemicals. Choose from gear, pedestal, flange, DC clutch, hydraulic motor and belt
                               drives, as well as models that are closed-coupled to gasoline engines.

                               Diaphragm Pumps

                              These models can handle fluids up to 140°F (60°C) and can be run dry. Low-cost
                              maintenance and almost wear-free operation result from Hypro’s oil-bath design, premium
                              quality, synthetic diaphragms for longer life, self-priming operation and visual, oil-level sight
                              glass. Diaphragm pumps are the most complete line of pumps available for spraying and
                              pumping of herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers and hard-to-handle fluids. Hypro offers a
                              wide range of flows and pressures for slurries and suspensions.

                              Piston & Plunger Pumps

                              These heavy-duty pumps are ideal for fluid handling of water and non-abrasive or general
                              use chemicals. All pumps are constructed from cast iron materials. They feature stainless
                              steel valves and ball bearing, leather or fabric-reinforced Buna-N or straight Buna-N cups.
                              You can choose from a variety of drive systems to include: belt and pulley, 540 rpm PTO,
                              gasoline engine or electric motor. These pumps are available in a variety of flow and pressure
                              ranges up to a maximum of 1 GPM /37.9 LPM and 1000 PSI /68.9 bar with maximum fluid
                              temperatures of 140°F/60°C (piston pumps) and 180°F/82°C (plunger pumps).

                              Roller Pumps

                              These pumps contain rollers that revolve inside the pump housing to force the spray solution
                              through the outlet to the nozzle. Hypro roller pumps are easily adaptable to PTO, gas engine
                              or electric motor drives. Roller pumps are used for spraying and transferring a variety of fluids
                              including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, emulsions, aromatic solvents, liquid fertilizers
                              and many other non-abrasive liquids. All pumps are available in three materials: Cast Iron,
                              Ni-Resist or Silver Series XL®.

                              Squeeze Tube Pumps

                              Oval shaped tube with built-in back plate insure accurate rates. The positive shut -off is due
                              to the positive sealing tubes. 8-48 outlets are available. Outlets can be doubled for higher
                              rates. Sealed for life bearings require no lubrication.
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