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A Tribute

          Our father spent most of his life working in the agricultural
          equipment business. In 1979, he founded Big W Sales in
          Stockton, California. Under his direction, our Stockton facility
          was expanded to include a separate manufacturing division as
          well as opening of additional stores in Fresno, California and
          Yuma, Arizona.

          Throughout his life, our father was a strong supporter of the
          agricultural community. He was raised on a farm and he
          believed and maintained the strong work ethic of the
          American farmer.

          Our father was always one of the first to arrive and the last to
          leave the office each day, including Saturday. It was not
          uncommon for our father to leave from our house at the crack
          of dawn on a weekend with a load of ball tanks on a fifth wheel
          trailer headed to the Imperial Valley and/or Arizona. It did not
          come easy or without a price, but our father built the founda-
          tion and paved the way for our company’s growth and success
          through hard work and sacrifice.

          We miss our father tremendously, but we know he would                           Cliff Wunsch
          be proud of the company and the continued growth and
          expansion that has taken place since he founded the
          company in 1979. It is in his honor and his memory that
          we share this catalog with you, our customer.

          Bud Wunsch                      Ed Wunsch
          President                       Vice President

          Dedicated in the memory of our father, Cliff Wunsch,
          who passed away on March 30, 2003 at the age of 72.
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