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Color Coded Catalog
                                                           For a comprehensive product listing please
                                                           see our index in the back of the catalog.

                                                                        CONTENT                       PAGE #

                                                                       Tank Trailers                     04
                                                                     and Equipment
        We are pleased to provide you with
        our equipment and parts catalog. The                               Tanks                         46
        product lines we carry have been carefully
        selected so we can offer you the highest                  Tank Lids, Valves &                    61
        quality products at fair and competitive                       Accessories
                                                                     Valves- Manual                      72
        We take pride on prompt and courteous                        Valves- Electric                    92
        service by people who know the products.
        We will ship orders the same day we                         Manifold Systems                     101
        receive them if the item is available from
        our extensive inventory.                                 Cam Lever Couplings                     117

        Each of our stores is equipped with                          Dry Disconnect                      128
        service technicians able to perform                                                              134
        miscellaneous repairs on pumps and                             Pipe Fittings
        other miscellaneous products. Our factory                     Line Strainers                     155
        trained technicians are able to service all
        of the products we sell including our line                   Engines & Parts                     164
        of Adams tenders, spreaders and belt
        loaders, as well as our highly technical                   Pressure Washers                      166
        and specialized lines of precision products
        including AG Leader, Raven and Teejet                             Pumps                          168
                                                              Injection Pumps/Chemical                   225
        Limited warranty information is located in                Handling & Transfer
        the back of the book.
                                                                 Spray Tips & Nozzles                    240
        If you have any questions regarding any of                 Boom Components                       296
        our products or policies, give us a call at
        800-922-7253 or visit our website.                             Spray Guns                        315

                                                                 Backpack & Handheld                     322
            You can view the online
            version of this catalog at                                 Precision Ag                      330
                                         Moisture Testers                     350

                                                                    Hoses & Clamps                       352

          "It's our people that make the difference."            NH3 & Safety Supplies                   359
                                                                  Miscellaneous Parts                    381

                                                                   Roll Tarp Systems                     394

                                                             Trailer Jacks & Trailer Parts               401
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