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  • GPS Guidance
  • GPS Receivers & Accessories
  • Application Control & Equipment

Matrix® Pro GS Guidance and Matrix® Pro Guidance
RealView Guidance Over Video - Now you can have all the guidance information you need, watch
what’s ahead and monitor various implement operations on a single console.You choose what you
want to see – guidance over video, video only or guidance only. Choose the number of cameras
based on your requirements – up to 8 cameras can be used.
Droplet Size Monitoring - Selecting the correct droplet size when spraying can have a huge impact
on both the efficacy of your spraying and the potential for drift. Real time sensing and displaying of
droplet size is now an available option with Matrix Pro GS.

• Create, save and recall boundaries and AB lines
• Two-way data transfer
• Internal WAAS/EGNOS receiver
• Upgrade compatibility to external receivers like RTK or OmniSTAR
• Create permanent no spray zones
• Advanced boom configurations setup allows for 2-dimensional automatic swath control; ideal for dry spreaders or for sprayers with non-linear spary boom arrangement
• Third-party rate control capabilities allow for prescription application and as-applied mapping on Matrix Pro GS when used with a compatible rate control. Activation required
• Improvements for FieldPilot® Auto Steering, UniPilot® Assisted Steering, BoomPilot® ABSC and Tilt Compensation
• Available in either 8.4″ or 5.7″ bright color touch screen

Matrix™ Guidance 570G and 840G
Benefits include precise accurate guidance in all terrains, easy-to-use 3D graphical guidance coverage mapping/data export; import coverage data into Google Earth for realistic area view. Economical add-ons include BoomPilot® automatic boom section control, FieldPilot® assisted steering, Tilt Gyro Module and Antenna upgrades.


Matrix 840G: Compact, bright, daylight, nighttime readable
8.4" screen – 200% more viewing area than Matrix 570G
and an even brighter display Works with up to 8 cameras
Split-screen 4 camera view.


Matrix 570G: Compact, bright, daylight, nighttime
readable 5.7" screen –80% brighter than competitive
screens. Works with up to 4 cameras



CenterLine® 230BP
CenterLine 230BP combines effective GPS guidance with automatic boom section control. Guidance modes include parallel, curved AB and headland modes. Setup is quick and easy, and the overhead map view is simple and intuitive.

• GPS guidance in Parallel, Curved AB and Headland modes
• Guidance information shown on numerical data page and intuitive map page
• Simple, intuitive operation with icon-based setup screens
• Automatic boom section control for up to 15 boom sections
• Saves money and time by using GPS to automatically control boom section off-on status
• High-quality internal GPS engine with small external antenna
• Compatible with FieldPilot® automated steering systems


CenterLine® 220 GPS Guidance System
Compact Guidance for any Application - The compact CenterLine 220 is designed to let you profit from GPS lightbar guidance with any field operation. Inside the compact guidance system is a high-quality WAAS/EGNOS GPS receiver and the guidance capabilities.

• Versatile GPS guidance in a compact, portable package.
• LED lightbar guidance plus a graphical display for complete guidanceinformation.
• High-quality, 5 Hz internal GPS engine with external antenna.
• Straight-line (parallel) and curved AB guidance modes.
• Integrated look-ahead functionality anticipates vehicle's future position.
• Return-to-point feature.
• Provides RADAR-like speed signal output for use with other control systems that require a ground speed signal.


BoomPilot records the GPS location of the applied areas in your field. When a section of your sprayer boom overlaps one of these areas, that section is switched off automatically, and then switched back on when it reenters an unapplied area. This automation is useful on point rows, on curved rows, and even at the end of each pass. Reduced overlap saves on material inputs, fuel and time, and operator stress.

boompilot moduleFeatures:
• Connects to existing GPS receivers or guidance systems, leveraging an investment you have
   already made
• Automatic boom section control for up to 15 boom sections
• Simple T cables connect with most common controllers to maintain accurate application rates and    area measurement
• Easily adjusted overlap percentage and delay settings
• Manual override function

(showing the section driver module)


RX510RX510 GPS Receiver

• Dual-frequency (L1/L2) WAAS/EGNOS antenna provides improved
   accuracy over single frequency antennas
• Compatible with OmniSTAR XP and HP
• Compatible with both GPS and GLONASS satellites
• Single piece, smart antenna design for ease of installation
• Quick-release, lockable mounting bracket provides security and allows
   receiver to be easily moved between multiple vehicle

RX370 ReceiverRX 370p

• Antenna and receiver combined into single enclosure for easy installation.
• Compatible with free WAAS and EGNOS corrections signals.
• Produces a radar-like speed signal compatible w/many control systems.
• Cruise technology maintains accuracy during brief correction signal outages.
• Pre-configured for plug and play compatibility with TeeJet® guidance systems.
• Compatible w/TeeJet and many other guidance and precision farming devices

RX410RX 410p

• Flexible receiver is compatible with WAAS/EGNOS, Coast Guard Beacon,
   and L-band corrections.
• Cruise technology keeps running even during brief differential signal losses.
• Setup wizard guides user through setup process.
• On-board display and buttons permit easy configuration and status checks.
• Separate antenna is compatible with GPS, WAAS, Beacon, and L-band signals.




Base Station - The PBS-601 is the industry’s first truly cordless,
dual-frequency RTK base station! This compact, all-in-one design offers fast and simple set up. There are no power cables and it is ruggedly built to withstand tough field conditions.

Console - The RX-600RTK console is the heart of the FieldPilot® RTK assisted steering guidance system, and it fits neatly into a standard radio slot. Everything you need – including an AM/ FM radio with mp3 input support – has been integrated into a compact unit that reduces cab clutter and makes driver operation simple.

CenterLine® Guidance Lightbar System with Wireless Remote

centerline guidance lightbar

• Compact lightbar with fully adjustable brightness for day or night operation.
• Convenient wireless remote controls lightbar functions - even if the lightbar is mounted outside.
• The foundation of your GPS guidance system.


tilt moduleTilt Compensation Module

• Diagnostic LEDs indicate status of TCM (power status, operating status, and status of incoming GPS data).
• Weatherproof electrical connector for trouble free operation.
• Mounting holes built into housing.
• Automatically detects GPS sensor baud rate and adjusts output accordingly.
• Compatible with Swath XL, GuideLine, CenterLine, and Legacy 6000 guidance systems



RX30 antenna


RXA-30 Antenna

• Compatible with WAAS and EGNOS correction signals
• GLONASS ready design (Matrix® Pro must be GLONASS capable)
• Sturdy magnetic mount for fast and easy installation

patch antennaPatch Antenna

• Compact, low profile design with a magnetic base for fast and easy installation
• Compatible with WAAS and EGNOS correction signals
   (Matrix Pro GLONASS upgrade optional)
• Reliable, field proven design

854854 Sprayer Control

• Single connection wiring system provides durability that is clutter free.
• Saves summary reports on up to 10 jobs.
• Auto-Master can be set to automatically switch boom sections on and off at
   predetermined speeds.
• Auto tank fill allows the console to control tank filling operatons.
• Dual boom capability means wider ranges of speed and application rates.
• Smart Sensing automatically selects between pressure or flow sensors,
   choosing the best sensor for that application.
• Communications port for printer, PC, and GPS connections.


844E Sprayer Control854

• Full featured sprayer control w/industry leading ease of use.
• Large backlit display shows all spraying information at a glance.
• Color coded tip selection for easy programming.
• Communication port for PC and GPS interfacing.
• Flow- or pressure-based regulation options provide reliability and    flexibility.
• Five boom section switches plus master shutoff.
• Durable, weather resistant aluminum housing.
• Single cable connection for quick hookup.
844-AB Sprayer Control

• Convenient operation. Individual boom control switches allow the operator to accurately manage spray application by changing spray patterns according to tree height.
• Greater accuracy. When a boom section is shut off, the system can
   automatically maintain system pressure.
• On-the-go swath width adjustment allows operator to go from one orchard to another without reprogramming.
• Built in planning tool helps match application rate, tip capacity, and pressure.
• Large backlit display shows all spraying informaiton at a glance.
• Control up to four boom sections plus master shutoff.
• Flow- or pressure-based regulation optioins provide reliability and flexibility.
• Single cable connection for quick hookup.


834 spray application ctrl834 Sprayer Control

• Compact size for convenience and easy mounting.
• Rugged aluminum construction symbolizes quality construction and reliability.
• Simple programming with only five values needed.
• Operating tips on the front panel make it convenient to recall programming steps.
• Manual mode is available for special application needs.
834-P Sprayer Control

• Simple programming and setup.
• Pressure sensor based control means easy installation.
• Clear display shows application rate, system pressure, and speed.
• 25-amp capacity for use with larger pumps.



744E Sprayer Control
• Choice of 3- or 5- switch 744E Controller
• Compatible with 430 Manifold, including Regulating Valve, 3-Way Ball Valves,
• Pressure Relief Valve and Strainer
• Back-lit pressure gauge for easy viewing in low light conditions
• Dual scale, 100 PSI (7 bar) pressure gauge
• LED indication of active boom sections
• Kit includes harness for TeeJet 430 Ball Valves

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