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  • Field Computers
  • Guidance & Steering
  • Application Controls
  • Boom Controls
  • Slingshot®
Viper® 4

Viper® 4 integrates with Raven's full line of products into one networked platform that offers a responsive touchscreen and an intuitive, tablet-style interface with swiping features and horizontal or vertical orientation. Customize your Viper® 4 by user and machine - it's colorblind which means it works with equipment of every brand.
Viper 4

• Sleek new design - 12.1" LED backlit display with responsive touchscreen
• Raven Operating System featuring customizable interface for portrait or landscape orientation
• State-of-the-art, rugged magnesium alloy enclosure
• Dustproof for tough environments
• An abundance of storage capacity
• 4 camera inputs for monitoring bin levels, blind spots, etc.
• 2 USB ports
• Slingshot® ready


Viper Pro™

With Viper Pro, your entire operation becomes more efficient. One field computer controls multiple machine functions, plus,with Raven’s remote live support available through Slingshot,® you have an entire technical team backing you at all times.
Viper Pro

• Large 10.4" color touch-screen display
• Application reporting, including real-time data mapping and record keeping
• Industry standard file formats
• Compatible with standard DGPS receivers and NMEA string formats
• Compatible with GreenSeeker® optical sensing and application
• Optional WatchDog™ weather station
• USB and Ethernet ports


Envizio Pro™ Series

Envizio Pro™ multi-function field computers enable you to control, simplify and improve virtually every phaseof your operation. All Envizio Pro™ products are Slingshot®-ready, which means you have access to Raven's remote live support team.
Envizio ProFeatures:

• Envizio Pro XL features a full color, non-glare 10.4" touch screen display
• Envizio Pro and Envizio Pro II feature a brilliant color, non-glare 6.5"touch screen display
• Multi-product control with VRA
• All season capability for planting, spraying, spreading, harvest and tillage
• Simple and advanced mapping, data and application reports
• Scalable GPS options, including OmniStar® and RTK *Envizio Pro II only
• Multiple language support
• USB and Ethernet ports
• Raven console interface
• Slingshot® ready

Cruzer II™ & Cruzer II™ RTK

Cruizer II & Cruizer II RTK is easy to move from one machine to the next and now comes in a weatherresistant model for open-air cabs. With more power and capability, you can add auto-steering, yield monitoring, and automatic on-off planter and boom section controls to your system.

cruizer IIFeatures:
• Color touch-screen display with 20+ languages
• Cost-efficient RTK at its best with Cruizer II RTK
• Bird's-eye view and downfield 3D perspective for checking coverage and keeping you on line
• Load/save A-B lines and jobs
• Field markers
• Record field boundaries
• SHP (Shapefile) files, KML and bitmap files for enhanced record-keeping
• Compatible with Slingshot's RTK correction signals



New, simple-to-install mechanical drive steering system harnesses the newest technologies to keep you on track and on line all day long. Transfer SmarTrax MD between multiple tractors, including combines, windrowers and more.

Smartrax MD

• Added torque for fast operating speeds and better line acquire
• Simple to install and move between machines
• 3D terrain compensation
• Quiet operation


DRIVING SUCCESS WITH GREATER PRECISION—HANDS FREE. This unique hydraulic-assisted steering system enhances high speed operation by offering faster line acquisition, correction for changes in soil condition and implement pull.

Smartrax RTKFeatures:
• Across-the-board GPS compatibility
• 3D terrain compensation
• Automatic system calibration
• Best-in-class operating speeds for covering more ground faster
• Compatible with many steer-ready machines
• Multiple kits available to fit all modern tractor types
• Slingshot®-compatible RTK correction signals


Phoenix Receiver


Raven’s high performance Phoenix™ receivers deliver highly accurate, reliable DGPS positioning using WAAS, GLONASS, EGNOS and OmniStar® satellitebased DGPS corrections. These receivers feature RTK capabilities and are ideal for precision farming where a rugged, simple-to-operate receiver is required.



For simple navigation and swathing, Raven’s RGL series lightbar guidance system keeps you on target and ahead of schedule all day long. The RGL system’s simple one-step setup and operating mode is as easy as plugging the RGL lightbar into your DGPS receiver and entering the swath width. Advanced menu options also allow for more intricate patterns and settings depending on your navigation needs.

RGL Lightbar Features:
• Remote button box provides operator control and selection of different lightbar options
• Bright LED’s ensure easy viewing even in direct sunlight
• Weather-resistant housing designed to operate outdoors inall weather conditions
• Lightbar displays DGPS receiver status display, swath guidance, ground speed, and course over ground
• Display options in English and Metric units for speed and distance, swath width and swath type Sync to Raven Field Computers


scs 660Features:
• Simple operation
• Low-limit function
• Digital boom pressure read-out
• Supports a variety of Flow Meters & Control Valves
• Audible alarms
• Self-test function
• Rate bump features

SCS 4400
SCS 4600
SCS 5000
SCS 440
SCS 450
SCS 460
SCS 660
SCS 660M
Five-product capability, liquid granular, NH3, equipped with 7 boom switches
Five-product capability, liquid granular, NH3, remote switches required
Five-product capability, liquid granular, NH3, remote switches required and CAN nodes
One-product capability, liquid, NH3, equipped with 3 switches
One-product capability, liquid, NH3, equipped with 6 switches
One-product capability, liquid, NH3, remote switches required
One-product capability, liquid, granular, NH3, remote switches required
One-product capability, liquid, granular, NH3, manure, equipped with master switch

sidekick pro injection pumpFeatures:
• Up to 4 units on one machine, allowing easy switching between fields and applications
• No pre-mixing, tank mixing, cross contamination or clean out
• Powerful positive displacement pump which injects on the pressure side, closer to the boom,
   for faster response time
• Low volume capacity of 1-40 oz/minute
• High volume capacity range of 5-200 oz/minute
• Eliminates waste for more environmentally friendly practices
• Reduced chemical exposure means additional safety for operator
• Adjust chemical concentration on the fly rather than spraying more or less of the entire mix



The Switch Pro™ control console is designed to help growers move up to a new level of precision. Simply replace your Raven SCS 440, 450 or 4400 spray console with Switch Pro and pair it with our Envizio Pro™, Envizio Pro II® or Viper Pro™ field computer. With Switch Pro you have on-off section control, adjustable 0-100 percent coverage control and a manual override function for greater savings and productivity.

switch proFeatures:
• Simple installation
• Single-product liquid or NH3 application control
• AccuBoom™ automatic section shut-off
• AccuBoom automatic 10-section on/off boom control prevents overspraying and skips    on point rows and headlands and reduces operator stress/fatigue



• Industry leading flow and application control technology
• Optional switch box for manual override of individual sections
• Task controller interface
• Section control compatible
• Data-logging
• Variable rate application



flomax 110FLOW MAX 110
The Flow Max 110 is an
economical single product
flow monitor. The Flow Max
110 can be configured with
any Raven flow meter. For
the system to work, it must
be accompanied by an RFM
Series flow meter.

flomax 220FLOW MAX 220
The new Flow Max 220 fluid transfer system
makes monitoring flow from the nurse truck to
your sprayer simple and convenient. Flow Max's
digital display is easy to view and the controls are
located directly on the meter for the ultimate in
convenience and efficiency.

flomax 810FLOW MAX 810
The Flow Max 810 allows you to bulk load from a nurse truck to a sprayer tank
or from a chemical bulk tank to transport truck and to do it economically and
dependably. For the system to work, Flow Max 810 must be accompanied by
an RFM Series flow meter and on/off control valve.



Raven RFM flow meters measure a wide range of liquids at flow rates from 0.1 GPM to 3000 GPM. For monitoring liquid, NH3 and manure applications, the Magmeter Series is the best option. Compatible with most chemicals and liquids. A turn down ratio of 50:1 makes any flow meter in the RFM series an ideal choice for most agricultural and industrial applications. With a wide variety of flow capacities and housing, turbine, shaft and bearing materials.

RFM flow meter
RFM 200 Flow Meter
One of our many high quality, durable flow
meters. Features 15-200 GPM capacity.


MagmeterMagmeter 200 (3-200 GPM)
Specially designed without turbines
to accurately monitor a wide range of
application flow rates.




Butterfly valve

Butterfly and Ball Valves
• Compatible with popular flange fittings
• Features internal female NPT pipe threads for non-flange fittings
• Excellent wear and chemical resistance
• Available in Poly and Stainless Steel



boom valveBoom Valves
• High flow boom valves
• 40 GPM @ 5 PSI pressure drop per valve
• 175 PSI pressure rating
• M200 Banjo flange inlet
• ¾” female NPT outlets or M100 flanged
• 0.7 seconds on-time/off-time
• Plunger-style valve for complete shut-off
• Optional user configuration from 1-section to 10-section banks

on/off control valveON/OFF & Control Valves
• Advanced power head design
• NH3 on/off valves include on/off indicator
• Full line of stainless steel and poly on/off and control valves
• Simple maintenance and servicing


hydraulic valveHydraulic Control Valves
• 3000 PSI pressure rating
• 60-115 Hz recommended pulse frequency
• Available in 5, 10, 15 and 30 GPM models
• PWM Control



The AutoBoom automatic boom height control system offers faster operating speeds, simple calibration and user-friendly controls. Its unique hydraulic-powered design delivers a smooth and responsive height-adjusting system. AutoBoom gives you increased efficiency with faster spraying speeds, covering more acres in less time and with less operator stress and fatigue.

autoboomThree Options Available:
• AutoBoom PowerGlide Plus System
• Autoboom UltraGlide System This upgrade includes ultrasonic sensors that gauge the distance
   to the ground.
• Autoboom UltraGlide WITH POWERGLIDE PLUS The ultimate upgrade offers the best of both    systems.



Greater fuel and chemical savings, faster spraying times, ease-of-operation and more accurate spraying all add up quickly to improve your return on investment each and every season. With a wireless receiver and remote control option, you can check each section by yourself outside the cab. This handy accessory saves time and fuss and lets you turn each boom section on and off while you’re standing right there to see.

• Automatic on-off control for up to 10 sections
• Eliminate costly skips and overlaps
• Adjustable look ahead function lets you adjust settings easily for the overlap you choose
• Speed compensation function accounts for how fast you are driving and ensures properly    timed shut-off
• Optional remote control to help check nozzles quick




With SmartBoom’s automatic GPS-guided on-off section control, all you need is GPS, as SmartBoom™ does not require a field computer.With automatic on-off section control for up to 10 sections, SmartBoom helps you put an end to costly skips and over-spraying. It’s fast and accurate and gives you an immediate return on investment with savings in time and inputs.SmartBoom automatic boom section control works with most self-propelled and pull-type sprayers on the market.

• Individual GPS-guided boom section control automatically avoids no-spray zones and    previously sprayed areas
• Adjustable look ahead function lets you adjust settings easily for the overlap you choose
• Adjustable percent coverage allows you to control when each section should shut off
• Dual-purpose control box also manages section control functions for Raven’s SmartRow    planter section control system


Slingshot delivers unrivaled connectivity through mobile networks for access to a groundbreaking system of
RTK correction signals, online services, sophisticated data management capabilities, precision ag equipment
and instant in-field support and service.

Repeatable RTK sub-inch accuracy with no line-of-sight limitations. Trees, structures, hills and other obstructions
instantly become irrelevant for uninterrupted operation. You can even track and communicate with other
equipment while you work.


• Compatibility with the software you already use. Information on supported
  software packages available on website.
• Repeatable RTK accuracy from a Slingshot Base Station
• Over 1.8 million acres covered with a single Slingshot Base Station
• Zero line-of-sight signal limitation
• Real time high-speed Internet access in the field
• Connectivity through major telephone networks in North America
• CORS network compatibility
• Live, remote Slingshot tech support without ever leaving the cab
• Connect devices like phones and tablet computers to Wi-Fi enabled versions of
  the Field Hub

Slingshot also serves up high-speed Internet on field computers to keep vehicle operators connected, no matter
how remote the job. Store your field and application data in a secure database you can access any time, anywhere
with a simple web browser.




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